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  Thursday, May 27, 2004

Our STC Silicon Valley Webmistress, the babelicious Virginia Beecher, has given in to the dark side and started a blog:
"Instant" chicken. You know the thing you do in those situations that I like to call "dinner-for-one burnout" where you get home from work and look in the fridge and there's a jar of olives and a heel of bread, and you... [FoodMood]
Sounds like a good trick for my lunchtime, when I'm the only one here. I look forward to reading more from the FoodMood gourmet!

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With increased awareness of the potential for terrorist events this summer, it's easy to miss the prospect of widespread natural disasters. Fire season has started way early in California and the West, as much as four or five months early: the big California fires usually come in September and October.
As Fire Season Approaches, Dread Grows in the West. The West, after five years of drought and a hot early spring, looks like a vast orange bull's-eye on the government's wildfire assessment maps. By Kirk Johnson. [New York Times: NYT HomePage]
It's going to be a really ugly year for fire.

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Jenny found Will Kelly's guidelines (not so much laws, in my mind) for TW:
TW Lawgiver. Will Kelly: Kelly's Laws of Technical Writing (retro version) Cool. I can't wait for the update.... [the creative tech writer]
I especially like #18.

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