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  Monday, June 7, 2004

Apple's sweet new WiFi appliance.  Apple has just announced the $129 WiFi Express, a WiFi appliance in an AC-adapter form-factor. It has an Ethernet jack, a stereo mini-jack and a USB print-server so that you can stream audio, USB and packets to anything in range of your WiFi base-station, at 802.11g speed. Link

(Thanks John!)

[Boing Boing]
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New Apple gadget streams music through the home [CNET]
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Airport Express from Apple.

airport expressApple intros the Airport Express that lets you connect to the net wirelessly (via Ethernet), print wirelessly (via USB), and even stream iTunes to your home stereo wirelessly. Plus, since it's so portable, it's a great way to go wireless in your hotel room on biz trips. Finally, it just plugs into the wall -- no extra cables, no extra power supply, nothing. Only $129. Apple, how do you do it?

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Airport Express. Apple just announced the Airport Express, the first mobile 802.11g base station that plugs directly into the wall enabling wireless internet, USB printing and the ability to wirelessly stream iTunes music to a stereo all for $129. [The Wireless Weblog]
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Doc Searls: "Why didn't Apple build an FM transmitter into this thing?" [Scripting News]
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Airport Express and the Reality Distortion Field. At the Wall Street Journal's D Conference near San Diego, Steve Jobs stole the morning stage with the announcement and... [Dan Gillmor's eJournal]
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Apple Raises Bar on Portability, Price, and Features in a Home Gateway. AirPort Express from Apple puts audio, print spooler, bridging, and Ethernet in one tiny package: Apple has released a seven-ounce home Wi-Fi gateway that's barely larger than a power adapter. .... [Wi-Fi Networking News]
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Apple Airport Express. Discuss. [Scripting News]
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Too cool. Apple just announced the Airport Express with AirTunes. OK, it's "just" another WiFi base station -- but it comes with a connector and support for playing music from iTunes to your stereo, wirelessly! Which also means I can stream my favorite non-local radio station (KCSM Jazz 91) to something besides these dinky computer speakers. Woo hoo! And it costs less than that "media center" thing that Linksys came out with a year or so ago, that only worked with Windows XP.  And it's about the size of the standard PowerBook brick power supply. I've already ordered one, for delivery in July.

Peripherally (ha!, an unintentional joke!), the household teenager graduated from high school on Saturday, for which I gave him an iPod (20GB version). He's very pleased, and happily ripping his entire CD collection to it today.

It's a happy day in gadget-land. . .

Other mentions of the AirPort Express:

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Fast Company's "Masters of Design" article, which I mentioned last month, is now available online.

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