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  Monday, June 21, 2004

The New York Times questions whether Silicon Valley is experiencing premature irrational exuberance:

Silicon Valley (Version 2.0) Has Hopes Up. Eager entrepreneurs are saying that Silicon Valley is back. But the modest comeback that is occurring is nothing close to the boom of the 1990s. By Gary Rivlin. [New York Times: NYT HomePage]

It's not boom times again, but here are some data points: a year ago, the STC Silicon Valley website listed two or three jobs for technical writers. Today, there are 44 openings listed.

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An Introduction to Information Architecture. "Information architecture (or IA) is the science -- some would insist art -- of defining the structure, organization, navigation, labeling and indexing of a Website. It is the role of the information architect to decide how a site should be structured, what kind of content it should host, and how to accommodate future growth. In short, information architecture defines the backbone of a Website." (Subha Subramanian - sitepoint) - courtesy of xblog [InfoDesign: Understanding by Design]

Semantic Studios: User Experience Design. When I broadened my interest from IA to UX, I found the need for a new diagram to illustrate the facets of user experience - especially to help clients understand why they must move beyond usability - and so with a little help from my friends developed the user experience honeycomb. [Tomalak]

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SpaceShipOne made it to the 100km mark and back to earth this morning, making it the first manned private commercial into space. Here's the AP story,  and one from

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