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  Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Interesting analysis of what one usability professional actually does with his time:

What I do do. It is always an interesting exercise to define what you do in your job. Most every job I had went beyond what the job description entailed. I am slowly ramping up my efforts to look for a new job. It... []

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SD earthquake. IM and phone reports of a moderate earthquake in San Diego large enough to scare the crap out of people, but no damage reports. Link. Update: Looks like a 5.1. [Boing Boing]

Wrong location and magnitude to count as the earthquake predicted for the SoCal desert region. Just enough to get everyone's attention down there.

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Brand You Survival Kit. When Tom Peters first wrote about Brand You, it was cool. Now it's life or death. [Fast Company]

I remember reading Peters' "Brand You" article when it first came out; it struck a chord with me. I was fumbling along, miserable in a dead-end job at a toxic company. When I left, it was reinvention time. Six years later and I'd say the reinvention of Brand Fred has been a success. The big question is, what's next? Peters says "You need to revolutionize your portfolio of skills every half-dozen years, if not more often. This is a minimum survival necessity." It's time, so I'm pushing my way into the HCI/usability space, learning more about web development, and so on. And counting on there being opportunities out there, now that the job market's looking up a bit.

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