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  Wednesday, June 23, 2004

From Dan Gillmor:
  • James Cramer (NY Magazine): Viacom SOS. No, to find out why Viacomís stock sank to the 52-week-low list, all you need to do is look to the 52-week-high list, where the winners are: video games, satellite radio, video-on-demand, and Internet search engines. Those are the companies with the better models, the better technology that has, in an incredibly short period of time, stolen massive amounts of the fuel that powered Battleship Viacom: the viewers themselves.
  • Chris Nolan: It's Not Just Blogging AnymoreFor a while I, and many others have been dissatisfied with the term ìweb logging.î That focuses on the technology, not on what the technology produces. So, after a little thought, Iím calling what I and others do Stand-Alone Journalism. Why Stand-Alone Journalism? Well, itís accurate. A journalist ñ or a small group of reporters ñ can work on the web to produce what they want as they find it appropriate. And readers are equally free to read the work of individual journalist as they see fit, on their time, not on schedules set by TV networks or the newspapers.

  • From Dave Winer:
    BBC: "Dr Mockapetris came up with the DNS system 21 years ago while he was a scientist on the Arpanet project." [Scripting News]

    From CNet:
    Organizer cancels Comdex 2004. It had been one of the biggest events in the tech world. Can it return in 2005? [CNET]

    From BoingBoing:
    Happy 92nd, Turing!. Today would have been Alan Turing's 92nd bithday (if he hadn't been hounded to death by the British authorities who forced hormone treatments on him to "cure" his gayness). Turing invented modern computer science and is one of my all-time heros. Link (Thanks, Pat!) [Boing Boing]

    From NYT:
    At One Point, 'I Was Deathly Afraid,' New Space Visitor Admits. Michael W. Melvill became the first person to reach space in a project developed with private financing. By John Schwartz. [New York Times: Science]

    Change happens. We adapt. Life goes on.

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    Not that it was all that hidden, but UXNet has made the leap to a more semi-public semi-presence with a "pre-launch":

    UXnet Soft Launch. "User Experience (UX) is an emerging field concerned with improving the design of anything people experience: a web site, a toy, or a museum. UX is inherently interdisciplinary, synthesizing methods, techniques, and wisdom from many fields, ranging from brand design to ethnography to library science to architecture and more. (...) UXnet is dedicated to exploring opportunities for cooperation and collaboration among UX-related organizations and individuals." (UXnet Mission) [InfoDesign: Understanding by Design]

    I'm volunteering as a local ambassador for the Bay Area.
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