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  Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Not to be outdone by the thousands of other geeks scrambling for non-sucky Google GMail addresses, I finagled an invitation and signed up. Why? Because I could. . .  Not that the idea of some search-bot scanning my mail for optimum ad delivery appeals to me (but really, there's nothing I should be ashamed of in my mailbox. . . is there?). 

So: Fill it up!

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Oppenheimer Celebration Examines the Myth and the Man. A 100th-birthday party in honor of J. Robert Oppenheimer, the "father of the atomic bomb," remembered his controversial accomplishments. By SANDRA BLAKESLEE. [The New York Times > Science]

The story of the development of the atomic bomb fascinates me, especially Oppenheimer. He was a scholar, scientist, leader, victim, and enigma.  Oh, and he was one of those first-initial, middle-name guys, like me. The J stands for Julius, which is why my son JJ's middle name was Julius (OK, it was also homage to Julius Henry Marx, aka Groucho).

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 "I have an existential map. It has 'You are here' written all over it."

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Fast Talk: Better by Design. It can be a catalyst, a transformative force. Five corporate leaders who "get" design talk about how it has influenced their companies' strategies. [Fast Company]

Oh, and it looks like Fast Company has changed its silly requirement of a faxed linking agreement in favor of a more rational blanket permission policy. But they don't define what an "impermissible purpose" is. The lawyers must still be working on that. (See BoingBoing for coverage of the previous silliness.) Update: Cory's not impressed by the change, and has a lesson for FC about how the Web works.

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