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  Thursday, June 10, 2004

As always, statistics (especially from the government) are subject to interpretation; but now at least we have some official numbers on outsourcing/offshoring:

New Report Says Outsourcing Causes 9% of U.S. Layoffs. The bulk of outsourced jobs never leave U.S. shores, the Labor Department said today in a new report. By Reuters. [New York Times: Business]

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My cell phone is now three years old. I don't want a new one; I don't need a color screen, games, top-forty ringtones. I don't like clamshells -- I want to one-hand it. Maybe when my service provider will give me a Treo 600 for $100 I'll move. But now there's another reason not to replace the old phone:

Mobile Thieves Getting Picky - Toss Back Cheapo Phones. Street criminals robbing people for their mobile phones is nothing new in South Africa. In fact, it's a large percentage of the muggings that occur there. However, it appears that even the mobile phone thieves are getting a bit picky when it comes to just what kind of mobile phones they favor. The latest story is that some women who got mugged discovered that one of their phones just wasn't good enough for the thieves who tossed it back complaining that they had no need for "cheap stuff." It's one thing to be mocked about carrying around an old phone, but when a mugger won't even bother to take it, that's quite an insult. [Techdirt Corporate Intelligence:]

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