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  Thursday, July 1, 2004

The Blog: Today's Resume?. I remember reading a year or so ago several articles warning job seekers to be careful what they say online ñ because employers now routinely surf the Web to check up on applicants. One off-color comment in a discussion group flame war, one tasteless weblog entry, one little personal site lambasting your current or former boss, and your application was toast.

However, you can also turn the Web to your career advantage. Recently, Cutting Through reported on how the fine quality of one candidate's weblog weighed heavily in a recent hiring decision. See Weblogs as an interview tool.  [Contentious Weblog]

Oh, yes, despite appearances and occasional lapses, I think carefully about what I post to the blogoverse (or to mailing lists). There are many topics and rants that I just keep to myself, knowing that this is part of my public persona. I'm usually suprised to discover the searches that bring some visitors here, and equally surprised by some of the people who've said, "I read your blog."

Maybe someday it will get me a job.

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