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  Tuesday, July 13, 2004

November Elections Won't Be Delayed, Official Says (Reuters). Reuters - The United States will not cancel or suspend the presidential election this November in the event of a terror attack or other catastrophic event, the government's top elections official said on Tuesday. [Yahoo! News - Top Stories]

Of course, I still expect an October surprise.
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I Second That, Raymond!.  Raymond Chen says, ìWhen writing documentation, one often has need to come up with a sample URL to illustrate some point or other. When you do, make sure the sample URL is under your control

Good advice to all writers, not just those who strcitly document. Of course, as an editor I should also be on top of this before publication to make sure it is just an ìinnocentî mistake by the author. [15Seconds WebLog]

This is what is for. Same goes for sample email addresses: use and you're sure that no one will get spammed. See also the recent Slashdot thread on the same topic: Where do dummy email addresses go?

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The description sounds more like a patent for portals than just any content management system. CMSs don't just support websites, after all.

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