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  Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Gummy World: Thoughts on the Graphical User Interface. "The world can be divided into two basic categories: people who like chocolate, and people who like gummies. Chocolate is serious, sexy, and secretive. Gummies are fruity, cheerful, and transparent. Whereas chocolates are often shaped as simple cubes, bars, and domes, gummies masquerade as worms, sharks, strawberries, coke bottles, teddy bears, cartoon characters, and more. Gummies promise a bright world of postmodern illusion, while chocolates imply a dark modernist sublime. It looks like the gummy people were behind the visual design of Appleís OS X." (Ellen Lupton - Voice: AIGA Journal of Design) [InfoDesign: Understanding by Design]

Um, so, I'm a chocolate lover, but I'm also an OS X fan.  Does that break the analogy, or just mean I wouldn't have designed OS X myself?

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