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  Wednesday, July 14, 2004

AirPort Express Ships. Apple has begun shipping AirPort Express, the 802.11g mobile base station with audio outputs that can connect to a stereo to wirelessly stream music from iTunes on a Mac or PC to any room in the house. Apple has received more than 80,000 AirPort Express pre-orders. [Jul 14] [Apple Hot News]

Mine arrived today. I ordered it the day it was announced. But tonight I'm too tired to play with it. Maybe tomorrow. . .

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Today, July 14, is Bastille Day. In France, it represents freedom from oppression.

In 1978, I was in Bora Bora, French Polynesia, for Bastille Day. We were moored at the main quay. Just after sunrise, a truck backed down the quay. It stopped; the driver threw open the back, and started handing out free beer. All day, free beer. Warm, but free.

Sixteen years later, I had my last drink.

In the parlance of 12-step recovery, one's sobriety anniversary is a "birthday." So, happy birthday to me. Ten years today.

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