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  Thursday, July 15, 2004

John Perry Barlow had some intriguing thoughts regarding the talk about a postponed election:

Postponing Democracy. Wherein John Perry Barlow suggests that a major terrorist attack might provide a pretext for the suspension of both the presidential elections and our constitutional rights. [BarlowFriendz]

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Report: Offshoring only one drain on tech jobs. San Francisco Bay Area study finds unstoppable forces leech jobs from mature sectors--but related trends create new ones. [CNET]

Most important line from the article: "The study indicated that the Bay Area will continue to incubate new businesses." Which is where new jobs come from. This is, of course, encouraging, and pretty much what I've been saying during offshoring discussion.

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Yes, the Airport Express arrived yesterday, but not the cable that feeds the stereo. It's shipped, but isn't here yet, so it may be another day or two before I can enjoy the new toy.

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