Saturday, November 01, 2003

An interesting moment for the Edwards campaign blog. A negative story comes out in the national press -- Edwards almost sold his pricey home to a guy on the Saudi payroll. Nothing too horrible, at least on the surface, but not the story you hope to see in the New York Times, either.

So do you blog about it? Do you address it on your own page, or do you deem it old news and ignore it?

My feeling is that if you blog every scrap of good press you get, you should deal with this one. That may run counter to traditional campaign press policy, but it seems consistent with blog culture.

Meanwhile, the Edwards blog is counting comments and feeling good (hey, seems like I've read some of this before...): "The blog is taking off.  We now regularly break 100 comments and have lively discussions about the Senator, his policies, this campaign and the issues. This place has really grown into a community that connects Senator Edwards and the campaign to all our supporters out there." All that and Dennis Hopper, too.

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Glenn Reynolds has an observation on the Luskin/Atrios feud that campaign bloggers need to heed: "(T)he real enemy of a blogger isn't trolls who disagree, but the commenters on 'your side' who go over-the-top."

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A voter guide for Tuesday's election, paid for by Bob Page and Dale Frederiksen:

2003 Voter Guide - City of Greensboro

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Issues Guide

Mayor (Vote for 1)

Bruce P. Ashley - Did Not Respond

Keith A. Holliday - Gay Friendly

City Council At Large (Vote for 3)

Jason Arispe - Has potential to be gay friendly.

Bill Burckley - Did Not Respond.

David Hoggard -Gay Friendly

Yvonne Johnson - Gay Friendly

Tom Phillips - Not hostile but not supportive.

Don Vaughan - Gay Friendly

District 1 (Vote for 1)

Dianne Bellamy-Small - Gay Friendly

Belvin Jessup - Did Not Respond

District 2 (Vote for 1)

Claudette Burroughs-White - Gay Friendly

Michael Byrd - Gay Friendly

District 3 (Vote for 1)

Diane Davis - Gay Friendly

Robbie Perkins - Gay Friendly

District 4 (Vote for 1)

Florence Gatten - Gay Friendly

Bob Skenes - Gay Friendly

District 5 (Vote for 1)

Sandy Carmany - Gay Friendly

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Dave Carr is flying around west Africa, reporting on the technology used by UN peacekeepers.

"Wednesday, we took one of the old Russian helicopters the UN uses here to Koidu, a base staffed by the Pakistani Army that has been reporting lots of network problems."

Dave has been my partner on many Baseline case studies. I knew he was unflappable, but I didn't know he was brave. Now  I do. He's in a scary place, and heading for a scarier one, and he had to miss Halloween with his kids back home in Florida, and he's just the same old laconic Dave, typing up his notes and dodging aggressive prostitutes and posting pics on the Web.

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