Friday, November 21, 2003

Chris Lydon has posted his audio interview with Joe Trippi.

From Lydon's intro: "Starting with Ted Kennedy in Iowa in 1979, Trippi has been a field captain on call for any number of leftish Democrats who lost big in the end." 

"The Dean campaign we have seen so far (with half a million recruits and about $30-million in income) is a preview of Trippi's strategy, not a culmination."

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Bonus quotes from the cutting-room floor. Yes, even in a 5,800 word article you have to leave some things out.

Zephyr Teachout on software development: We do pre-beta releases, the .95 version. Im the anti-perfectionist in general -- just throw it out there, we know we have it wrong.

Joe Trippi cites John McCain's pioneering use of the Web in the last campaign to explain where he is in figuring out how to really leverage wireless phones and pagers: "We may be the John McCain of wireless. Someone else will be the Howard Dean of it."

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Glenn Reynolds, analogizing the war on terror to WWII, has wondered if it's 1946 or 1943.

Maybe it's 1815. Congress of Vienna. Reordering of the map at the end of an era.

We are still figuring out the post-Cold War world, and the post-colonial world. Energy both positive and negative that's been bottled up by superpower politics for generations is now finding a release.

Europe enjoyed one of its more peaceful centuries ever after Vienna. Maybe we have something to look forward to now.

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Stirling Newberry: "Dean has set a particular tone for his campaign and the administration that will follow it. This appeals to some people, and upsets others - but we can expect that Dean the President will run his White House very much the weay Dean the candidate did."

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