Saturday, November 22, 2003

Jeff Jarvis writes with a survivor's passion about the proposed memorials for the WTC site.

Jennifer Gardner, whose husband Doug died in the north tower, says she can't find the emotional strength to get involved in the process -- but that an appropriate memorial is essential. "(T)here has to be something that reminds you of the violence," she told the Times. "It cannot look like people went gently into that good night."

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Dan Gillmor on California's decision to require paper records for electronic voting machines: "California's requirement will reverberate nationwide. The electronic voting machine makers will have to revise their technology in ways that other jurisdictions can take advantage of -- and safe-voting activists will have every right to demand that they do."

My column next week will be on this subject -- with a local twist. Guilford County has been a leader in voting technology for many years, and our tough-minded local voting boss, George Gilbert, thinks the concerns over electronic machines are overblown. I disagree -- but Gilbert is a smart, experienced guy who has some provocative things to say.

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Scott Rosenberg: "The essential maneuver here has been to take what could and should have been a very specific war the U.S. had to fight with the people who attacked us -- a war on Osama bin Laden and al-Qaida -- and expand its scope and definition."

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