Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Britt Blaser: "Most of the rest of the world has been forced to experience war first hand. Perhaps that's why the rest of the world is unimpressed with this administration's gung-ho attitude, so typical of raw recruits and so uncharacteristic of adults who've peered into the abyss and lived to describe it....

The Bush Administration dismissed European caution last winter as a malady of "Old Europe," as if cultures which include Dresden and Hiroshima bring nothing to the dialogue."

I'm a little uncomfortable with Britt's argument against warbloggers who lack combat experience -- there is a valuable point about first-hand understanding there, but the same logic might be used against civilian control of our military, which is critical to our liberty...or against non-veterans who argue against war.

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Admit it: you want more weblog coverage of North Carolina politics, don't you? Carolina Progressive has what you crave. Right out of the box, he's got a scoop on the ties between an anti-immigration group quoted in the N&O and some pretty shady characters (11/25, 9:44 AM; permalink not working).

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