Thursday, November 20, 2003

Over at The Blogging of the President:2004, Matt Stoller says "The blogosphere is appropriately aflutter with talk of Ed Cone's exceptional description of the Dean campaign." That's so much better to read than "Everyone's talking about how much your story sucks." Feedback on the case study has been great. Now we're putting the sidebars and charts to bed -- they'll be online in a couple of weeks, and in the print issue. That package will include some interesting metrics, and a great piece of speculative reporting by the Mad Genius.

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I spent the morning in Chapel Hill talking weblogs with a group of South Korean journalists who are visiting the UNC j-school. Fun. I like hanging out with journalists.
We discussed (via translator Minjeong Kim, a Ph.D. student at UNC, who evidently made me sound more interesting than I actually am) the rise of the amateur journalist, how journos use blogs, the reaction of big media. I found out how to say "first draft" in Korean (it's "first draft"). Sohyun Kwon of financial news site edaily had done some blogging of her own already.
They asked a lot of the questions we've all asked -- what is the impact of blog journalism on traditional media, how do you find the time to blog, etc. Jong-Cheol Kim of the collaborative newspaper OhmyNews asked if that blog-flavored idea might work in the US (I think so.) And one guy whose name I didn't get wanted to know who I thought would win the long bet between Dave Winer and Martin Nisenholtz on blogs vs. newspapers.
Thanks to my host, Anton Zuiker -- I'll see him again in January for a panel discussion with NC journalists and bloggers at the j-school...and soon (we hope) at the NC weblog conference, which could have some surprise guest stars from even farther away than Greensboro.

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