Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Elizabeth Edwards: "Watch and cheer and blog, and then be sure to tune in after the debate to chat with John."

Senator John Edwards will be blogging live after tonight's Rock the Vote event. He's due at his campaign weblog at 9:15 PM. You need to register to participate.

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A conversation about the ex-gay ministry and Greensboro College in my comments section.

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The High Point Enterprise picks up on the banning of a controversial "ex-gay" speaker at Greensboro College (overly-detailed registration required). GC president Craven Williams is quoted: "We have been told pretty directly that litigation is in the issue here." Just who might be litigating over what is not clear.

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Dave Carr is finishing up his trip to Sierra Leone, which included a brief visit to Liberia. What he saw is not encouraging. "There will be another war."

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