Monday, November 10, 2003

First her blog got Elizabeth Spiers a choice gig at New York magazine. Now she's on TV, too. 

This weekend my channel surfing revealed the talented Ms. Spiers as one of the talking heads on one of those VH-1 shows that mix snippets of snark with snippets of the snarked-upon.

The show identified her as being from Gawker. How last summer. TV moves so slowly. Except when it moves too quickly, as it did by editing "Don't call me Britney" Spiers down to a momentary flash of screentime.

The snarker/snarkee format worked well with the original "I Love the 80s;" less well with "I Love the 70s", in part because most of the snarkers were too young to have seen any of the stuff firsthand, except maybe Big Wheels; and not well at all on whichever one it was that had the near-catatonic Lisa Marie Presley as a talking head. Returns are diminishing with the second "80s" series -- now that we expect that guy with three names in the black t-shirt to be funny, he's not.

Flava Flav rocks, though.

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