Monday, November 17, 2003

Big media got the story wrong at the Jefferson Jackson Day event in Iowa, says Rick Klau.

The NYT and Des Moines Register said Hillary was the star of the show.

"This is the convenient angle. Itís newsworthy. But itís just not an accurate representation of what happened," Klau writes.

Rick is a Dean guy, but he gives other candidates some props -- he even posts a picture of a sign reading "Bloggers 4 Edwards."

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Dave Winer: "I will only vote for a candidate who supports a free Internet."

Update: Jeff Jarvis responds: "I'd like to see more evidence of why you think this is so necessary, Dave."

Doc Searls thinks Dave is on the right track, but he doesn't think more regulation is the way to get there: "I believe that Saving the Net will be done mostly by preventing and repealing laws, rather than by making any new laws."

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Voice recognition software doesn't understand southern accents.

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