Wednesday, November 12, 2003

I'm in Emeryville, CA for a meeting on "emergent democracy" enabled by the Internet. Should be an interesting day -- a lot more than campaigning on the agenda, governance looks like a hot topic.

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Joe Trippi, Dean campaign manager, in an email urging Dean supporters to write personal letters to undecided voters in Iowa and New Hampshire: "The pundits still don't get it. They see your incredible fundraising numbers - and that's all they understand. But our campaign was not built just by money - it was built by the full participation of you and thousands of others who believe that each of us has the power and the duty to participate in our democracy."

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Elizabeth Edwards says her husband's campaign should have moved faster on the Web: "I think I speak for the entire campaign in saying that the effort to keep expenditures down early in the campaign meant that some paths that should have been followed were not followed immediately." 

I think the campaign managers have some 'splaining to do. The Web is relatively cheap to use. It's a profit center for the Dean campaign. Maybe the problem wasn't too little money, but too much -- Edwards raised twice as much money in the first quarter as Dean, who was so poor that he had little choice but to try the Internet.

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