Wednesday, February 04, 2004

So as I said on the radio today, I am not a Dean supporter. I've said this before, but in a neutral journalist kind of way, not a potential voter kind of way. So here goes: I like him. I could vote for him without holding my nose. But despite being wowed by his campaign's use of technology, I never fell in love.
Why? He said he was going to give back all the tax cuts, not just the bad ones. He was right about Iraq but let that consume much of the rest of his message. And I just never felt he had the Q-rating to go national.
The technology had not much to do with any of my positive or negative feelings about him as a potential nominee.
But he helped the Democrats locate their spines, and he built the MacIntosh of online campaigns, and for that I will always be a fan.

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Another reason to legalize pot: UNC signee JamesOn Curry, the state's all-time leading scorer in high school basketball, just got arrested for selling it.
Seriously, doesn't Carolina have wealthy alums to give kids like JamesOn do-nothing jobs in order to keep stuff like this from happening?

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Even Monkeys have favorite sons. Todd Morman on Edwards: "But you know, he's my shrewdly hypocritical war-mongering Senator, dammit, and I can still [sniff] have feelings for him."

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The spoils of victory: John Edwards will do the Top 10 list on Letterman tonight (those of us of a certain age will get it from the website tomorrow)....

...also, the Edwards campaign wants you to know that they are still accepting donations.

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How can Mickey Kaus not have permanent links to individual items at his blog? Isn't Slate owned by some kind of technology company?

Anyway, Kaus wants to see pressure on Congressman-for-hire Billy Tauzin, who is going to work as a drug-industry lobbyist after helping write the industry-friendly Medicare bill: "At some point, Big Pharma will conclude that Tauzin's become a liability rather than an asset."

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Eric Muller, perhaps influenced by The Da Vinci Code, but clearly under the influence of something, says Janet Jackson's flash (now the most-searched event in Internet history) can be explained by a Renaissance painting.

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I'll be talking about the use of Internet technology by the Kerry and Edwards campaigns on WUNC's The State of Things, live 12-1 eastern today, rebroadcast 8 PM. I'm supposed to be on at about 12:30.

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