Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Note to Outkast: Don't shake it like a Polaroid picture.

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Kos, meet Google.

Kos says a Maine woman is "The first blogger candidate...At least I think it's a first."

Tara Sue Grubb ran for Congress in the 6th District of North Carolina in 2002. Last summer she used a blog in her campaign for Mayor of Greensboro, as did City Council candidate David Hoggard

Now, we're still waiting for the first winning candidate with a blog...

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Matt Gross is carefully quoting people outside the Dean campaign about what happens next. Matt obviously feels some constraints here -- but what does his choice of cut-and-paste fodder tell us about his own opinions and predictions as a former insider?

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Greensboro blogger frograbbitmonkey, heretofore a woman of mystery, posts a picture of herself and her bird-flipping sweetheart.

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The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has a weblog, The Stakeholder.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has a weblog, From the Roots, on which actual Senators have been known to post.

The National Republican Congressional Committee has a putative blog that is not very bloglike.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee has a mere news page. Some red-meat content on the website (e.g., a "Stop Hillary Now!" page, complete with an option for email alerts to let you know when Hillary eats another baby, or whatever it is she does that drives these folks so batty), but nothing very tech-forward.

Why are the Dems so far ahead in blogging?

Does it matter?

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As others see us: Micah Sifry reports in The Nation on the marriage of technology and politics at last week's e-Tech conference. "Perhaps folks who are used to working in an industry where revolutions happen every eighteen months and computing platforms get discarded every few years have reason to be optimistic about how easily change can happen. But even if they're too optimistic, their hopeful vision is of mighty value."

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