Wednesday, February 11, 2004

The transcript of Trippi's talk is posted (our interview transcript should be up soon), and Trippi's also started his own blog.

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Lutece is closing. Our friends Henry and Lili used to take us there in the restaurant's heyday, when Lisa and I were living in New York in the '80s. They were friends of owner/chef Andre Soltner -- Henry even illustrated his cookbook. As they say in French, good eats.

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North Carolina in the ha-ouse: Besides Ruby, Tar Heels in San Diego included Sam Ruby, Henry Copeland, and I missing anyone?

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Ruby Sinreich on a weakness of the Teach-In: "There are hundreds of issue advocacy organizations using the Internet as a tool for grassroots organizing and lobbying. In fact, these organizations know a lot about organizing that the geeks present do not. Where were they?"

Micah Sifry: "For all the intense discussion going on online and in the hallways about what the Dean campaign did or didn't do right, and on how social software tools can empower people, I'm amazed by how little interaction this community seems to have with people who actually know something about social movements, political organizing and power analysis."

I asked Trippi about interfacing between the Dean organization and traditional groups like labor, local parties, etc., and didn't get much of an answer.

Methinks we've identified an area that needs some work.

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No problem.

But...Delta is no longer boarding by the traditional row method, instead using a zone method that nobody understands. Not the passengers, not the crew. People in the back of the plane, people in the front, people by windows and aisles, all can be boarded in the same zone. Not a disaster, but clearly not an improvement. One attendant told me there have been lots of passenger complaints. "The algorithm isn't working," he said. Violation of a key rule: Don't fix it if it ain't broke.

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