Thursday, February 19, 2004

Requiem for a Dream, my Baseline column on the problems with Dean's online campaign.

"Internet politics, release 1.0, still has some bugs in it."

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Comments from Nick Baldick, campaign manager for John Edwards, on the use and importance of the Inernet: 

There is not a department in this campaign that does not rely on the blog, the web page or email. We used them to send hundreds of volunteers to Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. They helped push out our message directly to supporters when the media was not paying attention, and in the last day, they have helped us raise over $450,000 (average contribution: $79.82).

We've always known the Internet is an excellent fundraising tool. We're learning now what a great organizing tool in can be. We've found great success in using the Internet to connect and involve volunteers from across the country (letter writing, making phone calls, etc).

And as our army of online volunteers grows (a record day on the blog yesterday), we're going to need these folks to get out the message and the vote in Super Tuesday states across the country.

Tomorrow, a look at the campaign's Internet team.

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Just back from Raleigh, where I interviewed the John Edwards campaign Internet team...will post ASAP...gotta do the day job for a while first, though...

..,on the way down, I lost 9-5 via cell phone at Put Up or Shut Up Rock and Roll Trivia on Rock 92 -- I knew I was in trouble when I heard the artist of the week was Triumph (who?)...but I did get to choose next week's artist, so blame me if you hear some Grateful Dead during morning drivetime...

...also heard Matt Gross get about 3 minutes of airtime on NPR -- way to underuse an asset, Dick Gordon...and on the way home, Dean Smith was on the Jim Rome show, so that was cool...

...outside, it's springlike...but I'm inside.

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