Sunday, February 08, 2004

Joel Rogers in The Nation: Progressives should vote for Edwards.

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Erstwhile candidate David Hoggard: "I sure wish we were in the middle of an election for City Council right now instead of back in October...recent not bode well for some of our long term Council Members."
The N&R keeps digging into the Project Homestead mess, and today's article on Council oversight suggests things will continue to heat up.
Last week I wondered what connection, if any, might exist between Oasis Mortgage Company, the High Point firm under investigation for fraud, and Project Homestead. Maybe the local FBI office would be a good place to start asking questions.

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Jon Corzine gives a shout-out to DailyKos readers at From the Roots, the Democratic Senatorial campaign weblog.  

I got the link from Erskine Blogs, a volunteer weblog in support of Democrat Erskine Bowles, who is running for John Edwards' soon-to-be-vacated Senate seat in North Carolina.

Where are the Republican blogs?

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