Friday, February 27, 2004

A post on the ever-controversial summer reading selection at Carolina led to this conversation between John Hood, Ruby Sinreich, frograbbitmonkey, billg, and The Oracle.

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Maggi Tinsley went to New York to hang out with some other knitbloggers.

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Bill Cobey is putting the "goober" into "gubernatorial candidate." Nothing wrong with positioning himself on the right as he seeks the GOP  nomination, but he's off the rhetorical deep end, running ads about Janet Jackson's boob (about which the governor of North Carolina could do what, exactly, Bill?) and now calling George Soros, who just spoke at Duke, a "liberal extremist" and identifying his donation of funds to MoveOn for political ads as a "plot against President Bush."

Cobey concludes, evidently without irony, that he is dismayed by "this level of hatred. I fear that Soros speech is a precursor for the negativity we can expect from liberals and the national Democratic Party. Perhaps it’s time they stopped to take a deep breath and argue their case with more civility.” Um, good idea, Bill.

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FRM reviews the Fantasia Cafe, and provides a view into the world of funeral-services telemarketing: "It could have been a beautifully goth, deliciously morbid experience, but this was a trailer in a flat plaque and plastic flower festooned memorial park, not a haunted Victorial mansion sighing spookily among the crumbling gravestones."

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We laughed at the weathermen all the way to Durham last night, Dr. Magod and I, chortled at the dusting of snow they said would be a blizzard. We snickered at the dry pavement as we left Cameron after a Duke romp...but by Burlington there were no more lanes on I-40/85, just a broad expanse of white and an endless downfall of heavy flakes that looked especially movie-like in the high beams....all of which would have been great, my car does very well on snow, but unfortunately there were other people on the road, and for the rest of the ride home we counted trucks jackknifed by the side of the highway and hoped one wouldn't jacknife into us. Which none did. It was a surreal journey, oddly entertaining, and Dr. Magod had some primo nice tequila to warm us up when we got home somewhat after midnight.
Good to have old Greensboro friends together at dinner before the game -- Tim Warmath visiting from London, the Triangle represented by Sarah Fish and Pete Tannenbaum --- I counted it up and realized I've known those three for a total of something like 104 years, not bad since I'm 41, with Timmy the newcomer as we only go back to fourth grade.

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Jeff Jarvis: "Praise God and pass the XML."

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