Friday, February 06, 2004

What would you ask Joe Trippi?

He's agreed to do a Q&A session after his Monday morning talk at the O'Reilly e-democracy event.

Tell me here or by email what you want to know about the Dean campaign, online and off, and I'll try to work it into the flow.

Me, I'm interested in the nuts and bolts -- what particular things worked, didn't work, might work in the next campaign if done this way or that...but I know people are interested in big questions, too.

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The agony of a schoolboy basketball fan: "But what really gets to me is how Duke fans are like 'hey! I won the game.' And I'm thinking 'no you didn't. You watched the game for a minute and then went to bed. Then you saw me this morning and remembered that Duke had a game last night."

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Good stuff over at Erskine Blogs: Hastert playing games with the tobacco buyout -- a critical NC issue -- and Burr's love of special-interest money.

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What connection, if any, might exist between Oasis Mortgage Company, the High Point firm under investigation for fraud, and Greensboro's Project Homestead?

If I was a News & Record reporter, that's a question I'd be asking.

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Well, that was exciting. Of course, a nice, boring blowout win would have been better for Carolina's post-season prospects. And the Dean Dome was not just loud, it was jet-engine loud.

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