Sunday, February 22, 2004

April 10: BloggerCon, Marque II. Harvard Law School. Free. Similar format to the second day of October's version, which was a really great time.

UPDATE: Dave is talking about moving the date to April 17, which would avoid a conflict with Easter and Passover. Based on a statistical sample of, well, me, the proposed new date is much more workable.

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Erstwhile Nader fan Micah Sifry is not pleased with Ralph's run...and he expands on his earlier statement that Nader's disdain for the Web should lead his political obituary: "(B)y sneering at the web as the land of 'virtual reality,' Nader is turning away from one of the only sources of independent energy out there. For someone who is now running the most long-shot of campaigns, this attitude will be incredibly self-defeating. But his refusal to see this is totally in tune with his nature."

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"Giving a pass to a handful of black leaders is easier than addressing the structural problems we face as a society, and if those leaders are the only people willing to talk about those problems in the first place, then we all get to pretend we’re dealing with the big issues without actually doing much heavy lifting."

The press and the Greensboro City Council failed to scrutinize a nonprofit homebuilder -- was it because the leader was black? A touchy subject addressed in my newspaper column.

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