Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Worst. Amendment. Ever.

Worse even than Prohibition.

W, aren't you supposed to be the War Leader in the global battle AGAINST this kind of stuff?

I can't believe I have to link to the same column twice in one day.

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Dave Winer is asking bloggers what they want from the next generation of blogging software -- and he's getting all kinds of interesting answers.

Me, I want plain-English commands that let me customize the look of my blog -- freedom from the tyranny of HTML -- and I want directions and help documents for my software written in prose of Hemingwayesque clarity.

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Richard Bennett on the next upgrade to online campaigning -- and a contrarian view of who might pull it off: "Sophisticated recruiting tools require sophisticated management and analysis, and e-campaigning has got the one but not the other. Filling in the management part of e-campaigning is going to be the great historical challenge of the 2004 campaign, and we shouldn't be surprised if the candidate with the Harvard MBA does this better than those dyed in the fiber of traditional politics."

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Blog/radio: ITConversations is interviewing bloggers and posting the audio files -- the first edition just posted, including conversations with Doc Searls, Marc Canter, and me.

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Monkeytime has a long, smart post on Nader: "It couldn't be more obvious that Nader has the potential to be very useful in this election...Imagine Nader traveling the country, challenging center-right voters to listen to him, stirring up enough of them on economic and civil liberties issues to tilt the election away from Bush and Giuliani... honestly, Democrats are in no position to ignore help from any quarter."

frograbbitmonkey, meanwhile, has some less welcoming words for Nader: "Get Bush out, and then run, and I'll probably vote for you, ace! That's how much I like you! But sit this one out, okay?"

Topic for discussion: What's up with NC-based bloggers and their monkey-based pseudonyms?

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Suggested slogans for John Edwards (via Elizabeth Spiers).

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Trippi rallies the Dean troops...and Gross joins Dean in dissing Nader.

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A transcript of the journalism-and-weblogs panel from the O'Reilly Teach-In, starring Dan Gillmor, Jeff Jarvis, and Jay Rosen. Audio here.

Which reminds me, I promised to say after the fact whether I truly thought that the Teach-In was worthwhile, and worth $100. My answer: hell, yes. People got their money's worth before lunch. Lots of practioners in the mix, not just bloviating pundits. Cynics, famous for knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing, missed a good day.

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American Taliban. These people really don't understand the document they want to amend, do they? Or maybe they do understand it, and that's why they are so eager to rewrite it...

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