Monday, February 23, 2004

Prominent Dean supporter makes his choice...Daily Kos: Edwards for President.

I want someone who symbolizes the future of our party. Someone whose rhetoric inspires, rather than bores...Someone who people actually like, rather than support for some bizarre notion of "electability"...Who do I want representing the party through 2012? Who will give us the best chance to take back Congress from the GOP?

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WSJ, P.1, section B, above the fold: "Blogs Have Become Part of Media Machine That Shapes Politics" (subscription required).

The headline is a little reductive, in that blogs operate inside and outside the corporate/campaign machine part of the media...but reporter Lee Gomes, a confessed blog reader, gets it. "Expect them to help seed ideas for the great national debate leading up to November."

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A note from the publisher: don't forget to click through the ads in the righthand column, if you see one that interests you...

...I'm thinking of recycling some of my ad earnings into ads -- buying space on some popular blogs for ads pimping this blog, in hopes of driving up traffic so I can increase my ad rates...

...Having coined the phrase "will blog for food" in an early discussion of the possibilities for making money blogging, I love BlogAds. I'm a little conflicted about the space they take up, bumping my blogroll down the page, but that's what I'm selling -- prime space...

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