Monday, February 09, 2004

photo: D. Story/O'Reilly Network

That's Joe Trippi (r) answering a question during our Q&A this morning. He spoke at length (links to coverage here, audio here) than sat on the couch for our conversation. The only problem I had was that his answers ran so long that we didn't get to many questions from the audience. We broke some news when I asked him about his compensation -- he says he made $165,000 as a partner in the firm that handled Dean's media and advertising; I'm still not sure how his company fared overall, but clearly the $7.2 million payout reported recently doesn't reflect his payday.

* * *

A few of the interesting conversations I had today: in the hallway with Sanford Dickert, Chief Technology Officer of the Kerry campaign; over popcorn during a break with Jeff Jarvis and Micah Sifry of The Nation; at lunch with Alpa Agarwal of Microsoft and Bill Greene of Plus a chance meeting with an old Haverford friend, Allen Gunn.

More later.

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Live audio is available for today's e-democracy Teach-In. Audio files will be archived at the same address.

As far as what I'll be asking Joe Trippi, well, he's talking for 45 minutes first, so to some degree I'll just be winging it. But I think we'll have plenty to talk about. Speaking of which, I'd better get going...

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Good thing I like vindaloo: Reuters is outsourcing financial reporters in India.

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