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Monday, January 05, 2004

An article in the LA Times calls the internet the "Swiss Army Knife of American Politics".  USA Today discusses the impact of blogs on politics:

"..they're forcing the mainstream news media to follow the stories they're pushing, such as the scandal that took down Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott. And they've created a trend that almost every major presidential candidate is following."

Jackson Murphy of Blogcritics takes us "inside the blog campaign."  Does anyone send out mor spam than John Edwards?  It's driving me crazy.

The two "can't miss" blogs for Utah politics are Utahpolicy.com and Utahpolitics.orgPolstate.com is a weblog that covers local races around the country with local contributors from most states.  There's only one from Utah, a Democrat.  If you're interested incontributing, you can email the host.

Funny thing, I do a single post on using RFIDs for tracking cows and now I'm the #1 hit on Google for "cattle tracking".

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Martian landscapeDon't miss M2K4 (Mars 2004), NASA's new Mars exploration website.  Right now, if you try to go to NASA.gov, it forwards you to this site.  The most recent view of the Martian landscape (right) is pretty bleak.  From other news sources:

According to the Sydney Herald, NASA's website had 109 million hits in the first 24 hours after the Spirit's landing.  NASA has 1,300 servers worldwide with details of the Spirit mission.  Cornell University is also supporting the mission with an interesting website.  Meanwhile, Britain still can't locate the Beagle 2.

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