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Thursday, January 22, 2004

Ken Hansen has now put the Division of Administrative Rules' Rulesnews publication in a moveable type format, complete with RSS feed (1.0).  It is available at rulesnews.utah.gov.  He also used a tool to incorporate the feed into the rules.utah.gov site using the standard division style sheets.  This is another important step towards providing more integrated services for the legal community in addition to the citizenry at large.

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An article in today's Deseret News talks about how cities and other local governments like school districts are moving everything online and eliminating paper.  Then it mentions that Eagle Mountain and Payson are "bypassing the internet" and opting instead for CD-ROM.  What?  That is crazy and I can't even imagine why they would want to pass around CDs rather than posting agendas, minutes, etc. to the internet or their intranet.  It might make sense if these things were hundreds of pages and download speed was a serious issue.  Other than that, I don't understand.

Payson City logoPayson has made substantial improvements to their city website, although it's still under development.  There is also still a lack of online services.  I would also encourage cities to take advantage of the state's RSS news feeds as a source of new content for their sites.  We probably need to provide some assistance in this regard, but a great place to start would be for city webmasters to attend Ray Matthews' (State Library) course on using RSS.

The Alpine School District Board does an interesting thing  They rate the agenda of each meeting according to their pre-defined goals for the district (# of agenda items that address each broad goal - such as student achievement, professional development, technology, community relationships, etc.)

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