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Monday, February 02, 2004

North Carolina wants to be a business instead of a government.  Their portal is addressed at ncgov.com.  Their state treasurer just introduced his new site at nctreasurer.com

BonoboLand, an excellent blog that I highly recommend has moved to a new location with a nice upgrade in style.

The State Department will be using Bantu as an enterprise messaging solution for its 46,500 employees.

The Deseret News provides details on the new UNIS system.

An interesting look at Virginia's eVA e-procurement solution appeared in yesterday's Richmond Times Dispatch.

Oregon appears to have an aggressive consolidation agenda this year:

The Oregon Dept. of Administrative Services expect[ed] to sign a contract by the end of January for a consultant to help the state consolidate 32 disparate computer centers, probably into one or two sites. They expect to save $20 million to $30 million per biennium.  The Statesman Journal also reports that the state has 70 different e-mail systems in use throughout its offices.   The state plans to consolidate those into one system.  “We’ve had a very decentralized way of operating state government,” director Gary Weeks said.  In the past, agencies had latitude to pursue many of their own services.

NIC's earnings are up this year:

 "NIC's portal operations are healthier than ever, and we keep finding new ways to grow this business," said Jeff Fraser, CEO of NIC

I am surprised by this statement from PublicTechnology.net

UKOnline gets high usership: over 500,000 unique users per month delivering over 3 million page impressions.

Over the past year, the Utah.gov portal has also averaged about 3 million page impressions per month.  That is respectable for Utah, but I would expect more for UKOnline.

Spring is a great time to visit the red rock country of southern Utah.  Check out this map provided by Blanding City.

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