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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Don't miss Ken Hansen's latest article on electronic rulemaking and its future with respect to e-Democracy.  The article is found in RulesNews, a publication of the Division of Administrative Rules that covers the latest issues in the State of Utah.

Tom Braman points out Iowa's new portal which launched on Sunday.

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The Western Renewable Energy Generation Information System is being supported by the Western Governors' Association.  The needs assessment was completed in December.  The system will issue, track, and oversee renewable energy credit trading.  It has a January 2005 target launch date.

Projections of High School Graduates: Utah Profile

An interesting new issue brief from NGA discusses state leadership in managing endangered species.  While at the NGA meetings this week, Governor Walker had dinner with Bush and Schwarzenegger.

The USDA Economic Research Service built their site after extensive user research, very similar to what we did with the Utah.gov portal.  The result is a very nice site with easy to access, easy to read reports on US agriculture.

Here's the latest quote from Cathilea Robinett of the Center for Digital Government following the release of a new study, "We recognized Utah.gov in both studies for its exceptional management, functionality, and affordability. It's a big success story."

The European Commission is getting more aggressive in its efforts to push Eurpean content onto the internet as a way to promote growth in broadband development.  A new fund with 27 million Euros is available for "promoting European digital content on global networks."  Welcome Europe provides information funding opportunities available from the EU.

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