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Thursday, February 12, 2004

Ross Mayfield's writeup on Disney's use of enterprise weblogs is awesome.  I particularly like Ross's conclusions:

  • RSS feeds and weblog software are useful for multitude of business need where information flow is critical. It's not about opinion, it's about information flow
  •  RSS feeds are for much more than weblog syndication
  • Use of RSS feeds is inexpensive comparatively
  • RSS aggregation into [email / other enterprisecommunicaton services] integration was critical.
  • Client side aggregation needs to move toward server side aggregation
  • Need for authentication is immediate

Like Disney, the State of Utah is using weblogs for a variety of purpose, including content management, customer contact management, news services, etc. and has even more on the drawing board.  It provides a VERY cost effective solution for many business needs.

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DigitalGov, The New Platform for Governing is a new blog that just came online yesterday.  It is maintained by "Mark".  I am calculating based on the links and content now on the site that this might be Mark Struckman, director of Research for the Center for Digital Government.  It looks very similar to Paul Taylor's weblog.

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The city of Ottawa introduced its Sm@rtCapital initiative this week.  It is an effort to accelerate the introduction of online services in all sectors.  The Ottawa SmartSites initiative which is part of SmartCapital is very similar to Utah's smart site initiative.  Ottawa appears very progressive with this initiative and is building on what already appears to be a very tech-savvy base with over 70% of the population online.

Canada's Auditor-General is concerned about missed deadlines and cost overruns associated with the country's Government On-line project.  She states that there is no umbrella organization coordinating the massive effort, making it difficult to manage as an integrated program.  She adds,

"Canada enjoys an enviable worldwide reputation for Government On-LineHowever, two-thirds of the project's six-year timeframe has elapsed, and some of the most difficult tasks remain. Unless the government overcomes these stumbling blocks, GOL could become an expensive and underused initiative."

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