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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Rob Salzman reports on Medford's (OR) deployment of a citywide mesh network.  Another interesting project is the Eastern Oregon WiFi Network.
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Yesterday, HB36 (second substitute) was approved by the Senate Revenue and Taxation Committee.  This bill provides governance and revenue to implement E-911 for wireless carriers.  Utah is behind the curve in getting this done, but should move forward quickly if it is able to pass on the floor.  The second substitute bill has some major improvements over earlier versions.

Senator Burns of Montana recognized the first anniversary of the E911 Caucus yesterday.

The FCC's PSAP registry is a spreadsheet that identifies all known Public Safety Access Points in the country.  The registry lists 63 PSAPs for Utah.  I thought that there were only 46, so we need to reconcile what the FCC has listed with our local list.  I am somewhat surprised by the fact that the FCC maintains this kind of information in a spreadsheet as opposed to a database with an online interface.  The management of 911 in general, especially in this state, needs some major improvements.  Hopefully HB36 will help us begin to move down that road.

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