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Friday, February 06, 2004

The Salt Lake City Council held a "fact finding meeting" on UTOPIA last night.  It's not hard to guess which side the various speakers on the agenda might support (agenda).  No minutes are available yet and no streaming video, but here's the report from the Salt Lake Tribune and the Deseret News.

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The Washington Post reports that many call centers will be unable to meet the January 2005 deadline for wireless companies to deliver locator service.  Call centers or "PSAPs" require new technology in order to receive additional data from cell callers to identify their location during 911 calls.  There is a bill before the Utah legislature that would help fund this effort, but it must pass if the Utah call centers are to have any chance to meet the deadline.  Beyond that, the members of the committee that this bill establishes must be willing to set aside personal interests and look at common solutions if they want a cost effective solution.

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Sabrina Pacifici supplies this link to the SWIPE toolkit.  SWIPE gives the the ability to see what information about you is available through many of the commercial data warehouses.  Be sure to try the SWIPE data calculator.

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