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Thursday, January 15, 2004

Good News!  State revenues are improving.  Mostly due to individual income tax increases.  That means people are making more money and the general economic picture is on the upswing.  This was already expected, but now confirmed.  Governor Walker speaks to the Davis County Chamber of Commerce.  Centerville and Layton echoed their support for UTOPIA yesterday.

We met with Charlie Grimes (project manager for recreation.gov) yesterday.  His focus has changed a little lately.  He is working to get the National Parks Service and the U.S. Forest Service on the same campground reservation system.  This could create issues for some states depending on who is selected.  We selected ReserveAmerica partly because they are also used by the Forest Service and we wanted to be on the same system for our state parks.  Some national parks also use ReserveAmerica.

Bob Woolley developed this excellent tool for portfolio management within our central IT organization.  It facilitates and gives structure to the project prioritzation process.

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