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Friday, January 23, 2004

Governor Walker (Utah) delivered her 2004 State of the State address last night.  In addition to her focus on education and the economy, she mentioned several key technology initiatives:

  • The continued growth of online services - both in terms of total number of services as well as the number of users accessing these services.  The Utah eGovernment Product Council made specific goals for each aspect and will continue to pursue growth in both the quality and the quantity of online services.
  • Utah Cares - the Governor mentioned that this new service portal served over 300 people a day during the holiday period.
  • Utah Wireless Integrated Network - The governor also spoke yesterday morning to a Safecom conference where she reiterated her support for delivering an integrated statewide voice and data network that works for State and local government and their partners.
  • Governor Walker called for a new website of Utah products to support business development of the State
  • The Governor also asked for enhancement of Utah's One-Stop online business registration service and the Utah Business Portal.
  • Finally, she called for expansion of venture capital within the state which would improve hi-tech business opportunities.

The text for State of the State addresses from other states (2004) can be found here.

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Alan Mathers with the UK's e-Envoy office mentions Ray Matthews' RSS in Government blog.  Ray is with the Utah State Library and maintains perhaps the best online RSS tutorial.  Ray's next course on publishing and syndicating to the web will be offered on March 25th.  You can register online.
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