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Thursday, January 29, 2004

Two very interesting bills showed up on the Utah legislature's list of bills over the past 24 hours.  HB 256 is sponsored by Rep. Sheryl Allen and requires a list of agencies to participate in Business.utah.gov.  That's interesting.  I hope that means that they like what we have done and want more of it.  The other bill, HB 251, requires any product containing a radio frequency ID tag (RFID) to contain a label disclosing what the RFID does.  I guess some people are worried that RFIDs will be used to invade their privacy rights.

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Concern about Matrix, a multi-state effort to enhance information available for homeland security, is nothing new.  This privacy watch site has been monitoring it for months.  I have mentioned it here on several occasions.  It looks like members of the Utah legislature are now taking notice.  Here is a quote from one Senator in a lengthy article in this morning's Deseret News:

"It certainly sounds like Big Brother to me, a paranoia that government wants to know what all the people are doing because government knows best."

Verdi White takes a practical approach (quoted in the Deseret News):

"We will evaluate this and see if it does have value, if we are able to interdict a crime or apprehend an abducted child. If it does have value, we will go to the Legislature and see if they want to participate in it."

Utah's participation currently is only as part of a federally-funded pilot project at this point in time.

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Paul Taylor, the Chief Strategy Officer at the Center for Digital Government, has started a weblog.  Paul is a pioneer in areas like portfolio management and enterprise security and an eGov thought leader in the United States.  He writes a regular column in Government Technology meeting.  More Paul Taylor is a good thing for those of us in the eGov arena.

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