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Friday, January 16, 2004

Steve Fulling's last day with the State of Utah is today.  Steve has served as director of the Division of Information Technology Services for the past two years.  He will be going to Sento as Chief Technology Officer.  Here is a review of Steve's accomplishments while at ITS.

Governor Walker came by to say farewell and thank Steve for his efforts, along with Gary Doxey, the Governor's Chief of Staff.  We are fortunate to have a Governor who takes an active interest in technology and in state employees.

On Monday, I will assume operational control of ITS while retaining my current position with DAS.  I have been trying to lay the groundwork for the direction I would like to head.  This week, we have:

  • created a team that will develop the organizational vision and strategy for supporting a service oriented architecture.  They will also work with customers and the CIO to understand how to use this architecture to deliver value for the enterprise.
  • created a team to review the future of mainframe computing and how we will effectively utilize resources currently associated with that resource into the future.
  • began the intricate process of portfolio management within the division, made decisions regarding the top 6 projects (out of over 100), and assigned specific action items for each of these.
  • tasked key division management to begin using Linux on their desktop
  • outlined a three-pronged strategy to ensure a healthy organization:
    • innovate and grow
    • optimize processes
    • eliminate waste
  • all section managers now have secure (Radius, UMD-authenticated, encrypted) wireless (802.11) access and will be part of the effort to make the wireless enterprise successful
  • developed ideas for organizational knowledge development and sharing
  • developed a plan for using a weblog / RSS structure to enhance customer relations
  • tasked the creation and maintenance of a central document library for product/project management within the division

Hopefully, some of these things (more to come) can begin to build on Steve's efforts to establish discipline and structure for organizational service delivery and support processes.

Webcam AlertDFCM is working with USU on a new campus library.  Watch the construction on the Merrill Library webcam

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