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Monday, January 19, 2004

Boyd Webb, network planner in ITS, is now producing a periodic newsletter with news and information regarding the development of wireless voice and data in the state.  Here's issue #2.
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GSA's IT Acquisition Center has experienced 367% growth in sales over the past five years.  I want to see the same kind of customer service ethic within ITS that would drive the kind of growth that comes from unmatched service.  What it means is that we must find and develop service delivery mechanisms that are frictionless, friendly, and low-cost.  GSA's focus has also improved the agency workplace and driven up employee satisfaction.  The agency is now rated fourth among federal agencies by bestplacestowork.org.
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American Fork city has a new website - a MAJOR improvement from anything they have had previously. They still lack online services. And I don't understand why they are picking up Christmas trees on January 26th. That seems a little late to me even though I still have a few Christmas lights to take down. An article in NewUtah compares the AF site with Alpine City's site.

UTOPIA will be a hot topic during the Utah Legislative session which begins tomorrow.

Several prominent Provo residents are arguing against the implementation of iProvo's broadband network.  On the other hand, the Utah Taxpayers Association's opposition to iProvo has drawn a flurry of well-reasoned responses (1 2 3 4) in the local paper.

A new 6,000 square foot home in Park City is integrating a new type of LCD computer monitor into the windows and walls of the home - a prototype for the future.

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I finally listened to Denise and read the Cluetrain Manifesto.  There's some good ideas here to pass on to the organization regarding internetworked communication.

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