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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

You can now register online for this month's Project Safecom spectrum conference in Salt Lake City.  It will be held on January 22nd.  Registration deadline is January 15th.  Anyone involved in the UWIN project should be interested in this seminar.

With all of the meetings that we hold in government, it is important to try to maximize the benefit and reduce the amount of time spent and reduce time spent on less than meaningful activities.  Val Oveson has brought in David Spann, a certified facilitator and director of the MBA program at Westminster College to teach a short course on facilitation.  Hopefully, this can improve the quality of our meetings.

Randy Hughes, the new state information architect is working to formalize RSS as part of the state's information architecture.

Politics Online has produced their 2004 Special Report on the Year of Internet and Politics.

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