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Friday, January 09, 2004

Mark Zorro identifies biometrics.org as his website of the day.  Wow, what a fantastic resource!  The site includes a catalog of government biometric activities

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Mark also opined on CIO magazine concerning the merits of public broadband networks (specifically Utah's UTOPIA):

"I don't see any difference between information flow and water, you privatize water and you risk putting profit before health. The health of a municipality in an information arena is called democracy and democracy is all about the transfer of information (not necessarily freedom of opinion but freedom of intelligence). What a municipal network means to a city is great competitive advantage.."

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My neighbor, Stephen Jones, has written a new composition that will premiere this week at the Chicago Symphony.
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I welcome the President's announcement that we will return to the moon and set up a permanent base there.  This is a great start on the way to reinvigorating the nation's space program.

Apollo Lunar Surface Journal

NASA Administrator Sean O-Keefe was featured on yesterday's "Ask the Whitehouse" online forum.

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