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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

The City of Philadelphia has announced that it would reduce its fleet by 400 vehicles and join PhillyCarShare.  The city began selling off the first 50 sedans yesterday.  Employees have access to a fleet of hybrid gas-electric cars parked in 17 locations with an electronic key and can reserve the vehicles over the internet.  This looks like an intriguing program with a lot of merit.  A similar program has been available in San Francisco for about three years where four city departments have signed up.

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Germany now offers several federal government RSS news feeds.

Sean McGrath reports on Ireland's efforts to build an XML-based public service integration model based on XML standards which they are calling RIGs.

The open-source vulnerability database is now online.

Control your home thermostat online.  This opens the door to other applications as well...

GlobalSecurity.org has this detailed satellite map/image of Fallujah.

With the intent of saving $19.3 million, Governor Bill Richardson has signed an executive order that first consolidates all IT at the agency level and then calls for an "IT infrastructure consolidation plan" by May 1st.  The plan is to provide for the establishment of a "common service infrastructure" and designates the General Services Dept. as the "IT consolidation management lead".  All IT purchases and IT hiring is required to cease until the plan is submitted.  This looks like a bold move.  I'll be interested to see what happens.

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