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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Jeff says that "web services are really cool."  Yes they are and we have only begun to tap their potential.

Kinja is being discussed in Cre8asite.  Here's my initial Kinja site.

NASCIO is naming a new executive director on the eve of its midyear conference.

The National Cyber Security Partnership Task Force on Technical Standards and Common Criteria released its recommendations this week.  Meanwhile reports are circulating on a new Cisco vulnerability.

John Gotze points out that Denmark garners the #1 spot in this year's eReadiness Report.  The U.S. has fallen to number 6 in the report.  The report, which is supported by IBM and the Economist, points out that the differences between the top eight were relatively minor.  Why is the U.S. falling behind.  One major reason is the relatively slow rollout of broadband services.  Four of the top five are in Scandinavia.

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