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Friday, April 16, 2004

The Whitehouse website has become much more interactive.  Recently, they have added features such as Whitehouse radio and Whitehouse interactive (direct response to email), along with themed sites like Presidents and Baseball and the Easter Egg Roll.

It should be time for the March 31st scorecard to come out for federal agencies.  According to the last scorecard, only two federal agencies have met the standards for eGov - the Office of Personnel Management and the National Science Foundation.  I am not quite sure what sets these agencies apart from the rest.

I did initiate a customized profile with NSF that provides you with a personalized page along with options for email notifications.  In doing so, I noticed an item on data mining for pinpointing network intrusions.  The Minnesota Intrusion Detection System (MINDS), funded by an NSF grant looks at the challenging issue of drilling through massive amounts of data to real attacks vs. false alarms.

New Mexico provides an additional incentive for tax filers who file online - they have until April 30th to do it.

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