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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Stephen Easley, Deputy CIO for New Mexico, has been trying to move ahead with a self-funded egov portal, but seems to be meeting some resistance.  No wonder they are pushing for more consolidation - New Mexico supports thirty-nine different email systems with a variety of software.  They're getting some pretty negative feedback in response such as this from the Santa Fe New Mexican (ouch):

The Office of the CIO at the state level is a bunch of loose cannons. shooting from the hip and implementing their own ideas when our elected officials voted their ideas were not in the best interest of the state. and in addition some of the CIO's office were fired from their previous positions. Now we have them running our government Information Technology for the state. Looks like someone messed up real bad on this one. I suppose there is not accountability once you get to that level. Many good Information Technology staff will be loosing their jobs over some of these ideas.

They seem to be falling behind on their strategic plan

I have met the CIO and Deputy CIO and they sincerely want to move their state forward.  They are looking for an IT Consolidation Project Director.  There is only funding for one year.  Would you like a challenge?
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